Tiny house plan


Tiny house plan
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Trying to create an upscale tiny house because I got addicted to those tiny house shows on HGTV.


This is fantastic work!! I recently decided to pursue a tiny house build on a trailer myself but am having trouble getting Home Designer to work on a trailer. This post just showed me that it is possible though so thank you but I realize my skills with Home Designer are amateur at best. If you don't mind me asking, where could I find info on how to turn the dimensions and materials from my existing trailer into a workable layout on Home Designer.

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Hi there,

I know this was a while ago, I just wanted to say WOW this is amazing. I wondered what you used for the trailer ....a 3D warehouse sketch maybe? I’m trying to draft a gooseneck tiny myself,




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This is sweet. I am trying to build a similar design. With my bedroom over the bathroom. I am having trouble building the loft as a whole different floor. Right now all I have is a shelf that is holding my bed but would like to make the bathroom and the loft their own separate room types. Any tips? 

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I'm trying to do this as well but having issues with adding a loft using a 4' ceiling.  The house will be about 12 walls with the loft over the back half but open to the great room/kitchen area.  How did you persuade CA to have a loft?

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26 minutes ago, TxHillbilly said:

How did you persuade CA to have a loft?

Everyone above asking questions -- they need to go in Q&A.

The Gallery is for showing pictures, not asking how to questions.

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