Having a hard time with railing on a U-shaped staircase


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I have a u-shaped staircase with a railing I have customized in the railing specifications. I am only doing railing - no handrail along the walls. The first section, the railing is on the left, then after the landing, the second section, the railing is on the right. And when the railing starts from the landing, after that, the beginning of the railing does not look correct. To try to fix this, I have "broken" the landing in the center and adjusted the diamond, and that definitely changes things, but I just cannot seem to get it to look as I intend - the way it looks on the first floor where the railing begins. 


For clarification - the balusters and the newels are all the same - 5/8" square. The rail is 2" wide x 1/2" tall. There is a top rail and bottom rail. Bottom rail is raised 4". 








Morton Railing issue.plan







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It is still unclear to me EXACTLY what you wish to do. You might try, in a camera view to select the stair you wish to edit but first press the "Shift" key before selecting the stair object you wish to edit. If you do not use the "Shift" key first all  connected stair objects will be group selected and whatever edits you make will apply to both stair objects. The "Shift" key allows you to edit only one stair object at a time instead of all connected stair objects, give that a try, please.



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21 minutes ago, solver said:



The problem is there is no newel at the bottom of the 2nd flight of stairs (at the landing).


It's shown in the stair dialog, but does not get drawn.




I agree - it appears correctly in the dialog but not in the camera view. Am I doing something wrong?

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Well - I fixed my first problem - the newel that was displaying oddly and coming out of the side of the first step at the top of the landing... that was related to a railing on that particular landing edge - which I've now turned off. 


My second issue is that no newel appears at that first step (at the landing) no matter what I do... the newel DOES appear at the first step at the main floor - just not at the landing. 

any thoughts?


And yes - I did shift-click and checked both stair sections.




no newel at first step.jpg

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