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Having some trouble figuring out roof type. I would search for it, but being Norwegian I do not know the correct terms and as such it is hard to do a proper search.


I have attached a drawing to illustrate. The solid lines is what I can easily draw in Home Designer Architectural 2021. The dotted lines are what I would like to create.


The first floor has a roof height to finished ceiling of 2637mm, but that is just the centre of the floor. The outer hip walls are just 1000mm. And there is an attic above the 1st floor (using the English terminology with ground floor, 1st floor etc.). Is the attic drawn in as a floor or just generated as part of the roof construction? Roof angle is 45 degrees. Further complicating things is the extension on the right. The roof continues down and out above this in a curve (I don't really need the curve if that is outside the scope of what HDA can generate). This roof leaves a crawl space above the extension outside the hip wall which is used as storage in the bedroom on the first floor.


Any help to get me started would be much appreciated.


Best regards from Oslo, Norway.


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Your drawing is representative of what is known as a 1.5 story house,,,often referred to as a Cape Cod...many videos available on this site and Youtube demonstrating the necessary techniques for producing the roof...Solver and  David J Potter are two that readily come to mind...Chief Architect has their own videos as well...





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Now that you are probably thoroughly confused by that Chief Architect video that ricatic posted:


Looking at your picture, the left side of the 2nd floor roof seems to begin at about 914mm above the 2nd floor (just guessing).   This is the ceiling height you need to begin with for the 2nd floor room (uncheck flat ceiling to allow a better view inside the room).  This is TEMPORARY.
 Main roof pitch should be set to 45°, north and south walls set as "gable".

On floor 1:
The extension on the left needs to have all 3 walls set to "0" on the roof tab, for a flat roof.

The RIGHT side extension is where the upper/lower pitch gets used.  The north and south walls of the extension should be "gable".   The HIP wall roof is set to upper/lower pitch.  First pitch used might be 26° (?).  Upper pitch is set to the main roof pitch of 45°.   YOU have to decide what the "in from baseline" distance is.  Watch in a 3d view until you get it right.  Architectural does not have the ability to make it curved.

When the roof is correct, turn OFF auto rebuild roof.   You can then re-set the 2nd floor ceiling to it's proper height, and recheck "flat ceiling over this room".

You only need to build the attic as a 3rd floor ("0" ceiling height, uncheck "ceiling over this room"), if you intend to add stairs to it, which require an opening in the attic floor.
Otherwise, it is automatically generated.

The illustration shows the initial setting for the 2nd floor temporary ceiling height (dark gray siding) needed to get the roof eave started correctly..




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Thank you all. I skipped the CA video, got it almost right using the second video link. 


Jo_Ann: The extension on the left should have a gable wall facing right with a lower pitch than the main roof so that the top of the roof comes in below the guttering of the main roof. Can't figure out where I set this angle. And no matter what I input for the hip wall on the right the roof stays the same. What have I not checked?


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You need to proof read something before you post it.  What you just said makes no sense to me.  We are talking about the extension on the right side of the house???

I can see from your image that you have not set the 2 gable walls of the extension.   The upper/lower settings you show look correct, other than the distance to base setting, because that distance is unknown to me.
If you followed the directions, you should get the same result that my image shows.

I have no way of knowing what you are doing wrong without seeing the plan file (not a picture of the plan).

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Sorry about the typo.


The extension on the left in the first drawing should not have a flat roof. It should have a gable wall facing out towards the left. The attached photo (Ext_L) shows that extension from the other side. Can't figure out how to set the pitch different to the main roof. It defaults to 45 and pitch is greyed out.


As for the right extension. Both "north" and "south" walls are set to gable as you can see by the attached screen grabs. The wall facing right is set to hip wall. Still the roof looks like a hip roof.



Plan G. floor.jpg

Gable 2.jpg

Gable 1.jpg


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You can't keep changing your display from left to right and get any good answers.


As I understand it, the small extension with the room label "kott", needs to have a shallow gable?

In the floor plan that you show, the east wall of that room needs to be set as a gable.  You then set the pitch on the north and south walls of that room.

This is all explained in the knowledge base articles or your reference manual.


I thought the extension on the west side (with the steps) that is open to the large room, is the one you are having roof trouble with?

You have NOT set those walls (north and south) as a gable.


You really need to upload the plan.

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With Architectural one MUST be VERY precise with one's "Wall specification dialog - Roof Tab" settings, to do otherwise will just continue to frustrate your plans and desires. The basic settings are laid out in your "Build Roof Dialog - Roof Styles" tab. Practice getting those right in simple test plans before you inflict them on your main plan file please.




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