I am modeling the house shown in the photograph below.    The main floor of the house sits above the road about 12-15 feet.  The driveway is sloped upward a couple of feet from the road to the garage.  I want to put in the terrain, but I am having a few problems.  I have read the chapters on terrain and watched all the videos, but I can’t figure out how to create the sloped driveway 12 feet below the main terrain perimeter.   Another issue that is related is that when I add the road and open the Road Specification dialog box, I don’t see a way to change the elevation of the road.  This leads me to believe that the road has to be at the base terrain elevation (i.e., 0”).  Is the correct approach to set the overall terrain around the house at -15 feet and then “raise” the terrain for the side yards?   So, my main question is this: What are the general steps to create the terrain around this house?   Thanks in advance for your help. Tom