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Welcome to the new HomeTalk forum

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Chief Architect has launched a new user forum replacing our legacy HomeTalk forum. We will refer to the new forum as HomeTalk. To post to the new HomeTalk forum, you will need to sign up for a new Chief Architect ID.

Why a new HomeTalk forum?

A couple of reasons really. First, we are consolidating our login systems so you will only need one login for all Chief Architect properties. Currently, we have a separate login for your account, HomeTalk and our support system, it’s time to fix that.

Second, our current HomeTalk has legacy information dating back to the 2004. While we could clean up this old data, our older forum technology makes that a time-consuming process. So, we have chosen a new forum technology that is more flexible and eventually will offer more features.

What will happen to the legacy HomeTalk forum?

You can continue to post new threads on the legacy HomeTalk forum until the end of next week(5/16/14). And, you will be able to read and search the legacy HomeTalk forum through the end of 2014. If you want to migrate a thread from the legacy forum to the new HomeTalk forum you can copy and paste between the two forums.

Sign up for a new Chief Architect ID.

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