A number of people have posted Threads without Pics as they didn't know, how so hopefully this helps cos as they say a "picture is worth a thousand words" especially if you are not familiar with all the HD terms and names.

***Posting your .plan file will be the greatest help in most cases and avoids the "guessing game"

Knowing you Software Title and Year can also be very important to getting good answers so please add that info to your Profile Signature , you may add upto 10 lines of information there, thanks.
*** Update See Below Too -- the Snipping Tool is quick and easy

How to take "Pics" of your Plans/3D views
use File>Export>Picture (Jpg) to take "snapshots" of your plan view and 3d camera views too , then attach them to a post by going to the "more Reply Options" after you click post and there is a button on the bottom left to Choose/attach files. once the file is uploaded make sure to "add it to the post" on the right hand side. ( you will see a link added to the post only then which shows up once you submit the post.

Before you take the Pic zoom in or change the window size , so the pic is maximised when you take it , as the Forum will automatically make them smaller when uploaded.

If the File>export wont take the Pic you need , try the "Print Screen" Key which will take a pic of the whole screen ,which you can Paste in Paint and then save to post here , The Forum handles.png files fine or jpegs , don't use .bmp they tend to be huge files.

you can hold the ALT key when you press Print Screen and it will only take a pic of the "active window", useful if you have multiple monitors.
You can also add text / arrows / circles etc and crop the images in Paint as needed before Posting too.

the text file if you need it....

How to Take Pics in HDesigner.txt


Since Posting this I have also discovered the Snipping Tool , which is Part of Windows 7 and is in the Accessories Folder on the Start Menu , it does not have the ability to add text if needed like Paint but you can add highlighter marks or coloured arrows etc with the included Tools in Snipit , I now have Snipit pinned to my Taskbar ,it's very handy.

It cannot take "Snips" of Menus etc though as they disappear when you click on Snipping Tool to activate it, so use Print Screen key for those , eg below

In the bottom Right Corner of every Reply window is a button MORE REPLY OPTIONS , Click on that to see this:

On the bottom left hand side Click on the Browse Button, this will open a Windows Explorer Window so you can locate the Pic or Plan (wherever you saved them too) that you want to attach to the Post you have written.

See here:
Select Folder ( as you can see I made a Folder called Jpegs_Forum, for just this purpose)

Find and select Pic or .plan File in the RH Pane, then Click OPEN button on the bottom Right

Important: NOW CLICK ATTACH THIS FILE button, (under Browse Button) otherwise it wont attach to the Post.
  You can now insert the Pics or .plan File as you'd like in your Post with the Add to post button (inserts at your cursor) or if you do nothing more it will just add everything to the bottom of your Post automatically.

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