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  1. Hi All, I thought I had it set up for so that the roof would move if I moved the wall at least it has been before. Apparently, it's not set to correct dimensions when exterior wall is expanded. Is there a quick fix for this? Below I attached the view that shows the gap in the roofing.
  2. I honestly have never thought of it. Until last night, I got everything up and running and after messing with the test model (getting use to the program again), I started up the first model which is going to be the actual "build" of sorts for my own home. It occurred to me during adding windows and other features that I wanted to drop the background because the background was messing with my perception when it come to zooming in and out. I don't know why but it was getting annoying. So every time I would switch, I'd have to go back - that's when it occurred to me to think where is the toggl
  3. David, I did just that and I have to say it was the absolute best and most helpful experience ever. The gentleman I spoke with, Alex, was beyond helpful, I am up and running with near top quality graphics on my older machine and took 3 minutes on the phone! Because of the quality of the product and the support, I am now a CA user for as long as I do anything design wise!
  4. Is there a shortcut to toggle the background - (ground and treeline) off and on, instead of going all the way through the default menus?
  5. I just upgraded, I figured since I got a discount and since Architect 2017 worked for me, I might as well go pro. Everything worked perfectly now, I upgraded to PRO and when I uploaded what I was working on in Architect and go to a 3d view, I got a black screen. What setting am I missing?
  6. Thanks David! I just found this, is this the correct one for making a tub in a cabinet base or stone base in CA - Home Designer Architect 2017? https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01264/designing-a-custom-drop-in-tub-enclosure.html
  7. Hi All, I know I have ask a lot of questions of late. I have used both the reference guide, user guide that came with the software and while it helps, I learn by doing. The guides for so much of it work VERY well, however for some issues and or when it comes to more of a creation, they don't explain in a way that goes by a step by step. Having a great deal of contracting/home remodeling experience helps and having experience with these programs help, but the complexity of this program and the expanse of options with design, sometimes leaves me searching to figure things out. So that leads me
  8. Hi Everyone, As I still consider myself a beginner, I grew a little frustrated at trying to guess at dimensions. So, with that being said, is there a way to import a floor plan that I found on an architect site. So that I can make my changes from that or do the design work from there? Thank you, Zac.
  9. I tried placing siding and also wall coverings so it would cover from the under hang of the roof and down to the point where it reaches the foundation but I can't seem to achieve that. Below I attached two images for reference. I am a little stuck.
  10. I think if it wasn't for David helping everyone, this software and the features/ease of use and amazing creations you can do would not be possible! I followed the mini tutorial for the window sizing and had just the results I needed.
  11. Hi All, Where do I go in Home Designer Architectural 2017 to find the log siding or stone siding? Also is it possible in the version I have to build a timber frame home?
  12. I found the issue and I am up and running FLAWLESSLY! This issue boils down to something checked in the render (preferences tab) called "Use Enhanced Lighting". I even went to a friends house who has a much better computer and it does not make a bit a difference at least from what I can see. So now it works flawlessly! I guess persistence paid off!
  13. Hi All, I just purchased Home Designer Architectural 17 for PC and I have had versions in the past with no issues. I do have an older computer but the drivers for the graphics have been updated and do meet the requirements by the specs listed in the requirements section. My computer is an older Acer computer but it serves me well for what it is. It ran 16 flawlessly! I know there was a disclaimer BUT...................... When I select a pre-rendered plan, it loads quickly and 3d renders are perfect. However, I just got to messing with 17 last night and I went to do the foundation and I