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  1. NovaScotiaBuild

    End user License

    I have home pro 2020 and just recently invested in the chief X11 and i want to transfer the Pro 2020 license ovet tot my son,CAn this bed done and if so how? Cheers
  2. NovaScotiaBuild

    window schedule

    How can i import my excel file with a window schedule into my layout sheet? Any takers? Cheers
  3. NovaScotiaBuild

    Window/Door Schedules

    Hello Its me again, Can i create a window/door schedule in home designer pro 2019? N.B
  4. NovaScotiaBuild


    In my layout i have my roof attached to my foundation and i cant get it out of that mode,i want to place it where it belongs.At the top of the walls,Any direction?? Home Design Pro
  5. NovaScotiaBuild

    Gable With a Radius

    My Apolgies,I am just an amateur. Thank you both HD Pro 2019 HD Architectural 2018 KInd Regards
  6. NovaScotiaBuild

    Gable With a Radius

    Hello Again, I want to put a barrel raduis in the gable between the two columns,Can anyone give me directtion please. Regards Nova Scotia Build.pdf