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  1. I have the problem that I can't figure out how to make the walls "continuous".
  2. I found that by using the DROPPER you can suck up the color of another item and use the SPRAY CAN to PAINT the gutters. And I'm using PRO 2018
  3. WILL_in_PGH


  4. Is it possible to draw on a standard layer other than the CAD Default layer?
  5. Is there a way to create a new custom layer set or add layers to the existing standard layer set?
  6. Also, I can show you what this looks like REAL-Time with a ZOOM web conference.
  7. I have a Split Roof that I need to fill in between the roof sections. Don't know how to fill in. I need to create a wall that fill-in between the upper roof to the lower roof. See the attached jpeg. I'm now thinking that there needs to be a wall that somehow goes from first floor up to the underside of the roof at the split. The fill is too large to attach but if you send your email I can send you my file. Home Designer Pro 2018 Build:
  8. The dimensioning tools suck. Just stuck with it. I wish there was a way to share you my screen and actually have a conversation. It would so much easier to discuss this.
  9. Yep. And I've looked at the videos - no real help
  10. Is there any way to set the Point Marker specifications before a dimension is placed?
  11. Hold up I finally figured it out
  12. I've tried to upload the file but it won't upload
  13. why can't I simply slide the end point where I want it? Must I use the Dimension line Specification box to just move an end point?
  14. I want/need to move the dimension's extension endpoints
  15. Why are dimensions such a pita to work with? I want to move the "thing" at 1 and the "thing" at 2. but I can't. I have to go in to the Specification editor to do this. EVERY Time! Can't this be simpler?!
  16. Is there a way to change a fixture's layer? And as I am thinking of it, is there a way to create my own layer set? I'd like to show certain things in different variations of a base plan and not have multiple buildings in one file or multiple files of the same building with different variations. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018
  17. How the He** did you figure this out?! This is absolutely incredible. Well done. I tip my hat to you.
  18. yes, I too have worked with the trial and error method but I was hoping for an actual button to click for a more precise and consistent action, no such luck I'm finding.
  19. Ok here's another issue. How do I get the Home Designer Core Catalogs for my laptop?
  20. Aggghhh, I got it to spin! I don't know what I actually did other than drag and let go. I seem to be able to spin faster or slower by dragging faster or slower but it is haphazard and not easily repeatable. Any thoughts?
  21. I switch back and forth between my Desktop and my laptop to go from my office to my client's homes. I'm also doing a booth at our Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show. Tonight, I was trying to show an interested customer some ideas with kitchen cabinets. I couldn't get the Core Catalog to open. I don't have web access at the show. How can I download the HD Core Catalogs to use during the Home Show or when I'm out on a sales call?
  22. Ok folks, put your thinking caps on. I'm trying to get my rendering to "spin". I can get it to work, sometimes, but it's trial and error. Is there any setting or method to use to do this with greater accuracy?